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Metz mecablitz 64 AF-1 digital
The Metz mecablitz 64 AF-1 digital Flash is a powerful unit with a guide number of 210' at ISO 100 and 200mm that works with Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II. This model is equipped with a metal shoe for durability. The unit features an automatic...
€348.00 *
Metz mecablitz 52 AF-1 digital
The mecablitz 52 AF-1 digital Flash from Metz is a shoe mount flash, with an illuminated rear touchscreen, designed to be compatible with Sony/Minolta cameras featuring ADI / P-TTL. This flash also has a high guide number of 170' at ISO...
€198.00 *
Panasonic LUMIX DMW-FL580L
lluminate your stills and video with the LUMIX DMW-FL580L External Flash from Panasonic which features an LED light and TTL compatibility. Capable of covering a zoom range of 12-100mm on Micro Four Thirds cameras, and down to 7mm with...
€440.00 *
Sony HVL-F43M
Expand your shooting possibilities with the advanced HVL-F43M External Flash from Sony which offers complete ADI / P-TTL support, Quick Shift Bounce technology, and wireless TTL ratio control. The flash offers a powerful guide number of...
€285.00 *
Panasonic LUMIX DMW-FL200L
Give dark locations a little more light with the Lumix DMW-FL200L External Flash from Panasonic. Optimized for their Micro Four Thirds series of mirrorless cameras, this compact flash is fully compatible with Panasonic's TTL system and...
€205.00 *
Nissin i40
The Nissin i40 Flash is a shoe-mounted, compact flash unit designed for Fujifilm cameras featuring TTL functionality. It features a guide number of 131' at ISO 100 and in the 105mm position for providing excellent coverage within a zoom...
From €189.00 *
Nissin i60A
Powerful, compact, and equipped with a 2.4GHz Air radio receiver for wireless slave TTL functionality, the i60A Flash from Nissin will fulfill the needs of many professional lighting setups. Compatible with Fujifilm cameras featuring...
From €269.00 *
Olympus FL-900R
Designed to pair perfectly with Micro Four Thirds system cameras, the FL-900R offers a versatile zoom range of 12-100mm, which is equivalent to 24-200mm in 35mm terms. This can be easily expanded to cover 7-10mm lenses, 14-20mm...
€599.00 *
Metz mecablitz 36 AF-5 digital
The Metz mecablitz 36 AF-5 digital Flash is an entry-level Nikon i-TTL compatible flash with a durable design and sophisticated functionality. This flash was designed for ease of use so that even beginner photographers will find it easy...
€94.50 *
Metz mecablitz 24 AF-2 digital
Improve your on-camera lighting with the mecablitz 26 AF-2 digital Flash from Metz. This model is designed to work with Canon cameras which feature E-TTL / E-TTL II. It has a guide number of 85' at ISO 100 and with the telephoto...
€95.00 *
Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT
Complete with built-in radio transmission wireless functionality, the Speedlite 600EX II-RT sits at the top of Canon's on-camera E-TTL / E-TTL II compatible flash lineup with a powerful guide number of 197' at ISO 100 and 200mm. This...
€525.00 *
Nikon SB-5000
Nikon has reimagined both on- and off-camera lighting with the SB-5000 AF Speedlight , which brings revolutionary radio control to the Creative Lighting System with Advanced Wireless Lighting and comes equipped with a world's first...
€598.00 *
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