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Canon EVF-DC1
The EVF-DC1 Electronic Viewfinder from Canon is compatible with their PowerShot G1 X Mark II Digital Camera. It offers an XGA LCD with a 2.36MP resolution and displays all shooting information found on the camera's LCD screen. Mounted...
€299.00 *
Canon TC-DC 58 D
The Canon TC-DC58D 58mm 1.4x Teleconverter Lens converts the focal distance of the body lens by a factor of 1.4x when attached. This brings the focal distance at telelphoto setting to 196mm.
€127.00 *
Sigma USB Dock
The Sigma USB Dock for Lenses allows you to connect your Sigma Global Vision lenses to your computer in order to update firmware and adjust focus setting parameters using the Sigma Optimization Pro software. Sigma Optimization Pro Once a...
€45.00 *
Canon FA-DC 58c
The Filter Adapter for Canon G1 X by Canon is a 58mm lens filter adapter specifically made to utilize lens filters on the Canon G1 X. The adapter screws directly onto the lens barrel ring and is designed to move with the lens while...
€38.90 *
Canon Macrolite Adapter 67
The Canon Macrolite Adapter 67 attaches MR-14EX Macro Ring Light to most 67mm filter size lenses including the Canon 100mm f2.8L Series Macro Lens.
€34.95 *
Canon Tripod Mount Ring C II white
The Tripod Mount Ring C from Canon is designed for the 70-300 mm lenses. The ring makes rotating your lens easier and the built-in tripod collar improves lens balance by screwing into the tripod mount. Improves Lens Balance The ring...
€165.00 *
Canon Tripod Mount Ring D
The Canon Tripod Mount Ring D for IS 100mm F2.8 Macro Lens is designed for the new Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens with Image Stabilization. The ring holds the lens more securely than if the camera is mounted on the tripod. Made of a...
€149.00 *
Nikon BM-6
Protect your LCD Display from scratches with this see-thru monitor cover. It easily clips onto the LCD display of the Nikon D200 digital camera.
€14.50 *
Nikon BM-4
The Nikon BM-4 LCD Cover is designed for Nikon D70 Digital Camera, With an optically clear LCD Cover in place, your LCD screen is always protected from scratches, dirt and skin oil.
€14.50 *
Nikon BM-7
The Nikon BM-7 LCD Cover is designed for Nikon D80 Digital Camera, With an optically clear LCD Cover in place, your LCD screen is always protected from scratches, dirt and skin oil.
€14.50 *
Nikon BM-14
The BM-14 LCD Cover for D600 and D610 from Nikon is designed specifically for use with the Nikon D600 and D610 Digital SLR cameras. This cover can be used to cover the 3.2" LCD panel on the camera, thereby adding an extra layer of...
€14.50 *
Nikon BM-12
The Nikon BM-12 LCD Monitor Cover is designed to work with Nikon's D800 and D800E LCD screens, in addition to possible future camera models. This relatively small investment protects your rig's LCD from smudges, dirt, scratches, oil and...
€14.50 *
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