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Order Status

How do I know whether my order has been placed?

Once good-bye has received your order, we will send you an email as confirmation. In it are listed further details about your order as well as information about the terms of payment in case you would like to pay by bank transfer. As soon as we have received payment from you, we will send you another email informing you that your order is now being processed by us. This email also provides information about the availability of the item(s) and informs you of the delivery time.

The status of your order can be checked at any time via your online client account.

What is the status of my order? The client account

When an order is received, an online client account is automatically created. There can you check the status of your order (incl. delivery status) at any time. Until the items you have ordered are shipped, you can change individual order details via your online client account. You can see which elements you can change via the edit button. If your order is edited or dispatched, we will send you further emails. These will provide information about availability and delivery times.

What does the client account offer me?

The online client account provides you with round-the-clock information about the status of your order and about the ordered products, as well as their availability and delivery times. Beyond that, you can also keep track of the current location of the ordered products. Depending on your terms of payment, the client account also offers the following possibilities:  

  • Change your delivery or billing address
  • Change your email address
  • Use the same credit card again or edit your card details
  • Re-print invoices
  • Wholly or partially cancel your order
  • Register complaints
  • See which particulars you can change via the edit button.
  • See whether it’s possible to make changes to an order.

You can see which particulars you can change via the edit button.

Your online client account also makes it possible for you to check up on the status of your order whenever you want.

Do you need help? Then our customer services will be happy to be at your disposal!

How will I be kept informed about the progress of my order?

Firstly, you will receive an order confirmation email from us, with instructions for the handling of payment.

When paying by credit card – your order is processed immediately.

When paying in advance – upon receipt of payment, you will receive an email confirming its receipt, which will contain details of your order as well as information about the availability of the products ordered and the delivery times.

You should receive this email within three to five working days of making your payment or within 24 hours when paying by credit card. Should this not be the case, please contact the digiwowo customer service.

If you want to pay with your credit card, it is possible that we will require additional documents regarding your bank in order to make sure that the order is accepted. Should this be the case, we will contact you via email.

After we have dispatched the ordered products, you will receive a dispatch confirmation email. In it you will find the expected delivery time as well as additional information with which your order can be checked on.

We will inform you where possible via email or telephone if we need additional information for processing your order, or if any delivery problems arise. In rare cases it can occur that supply problems arise, products are out of stock or that we have to undertake an update of our products.

What should I do if I have received neither an order placement confirmation, nor an order confirmation, nor a shipment notice?

Please check that you entered your email address correctly when placing your order, as they are easy to mistype. And: please check that emails from good-bye have not accidentally been forwarded to your spam folder.

What happens if digiwowo has to change my order?

In exceptional cases, it is possible that there will be supply problems or that some items will be out of stock. We will attempt to inform you as quickly as possible about possible delays or changes. Information about these procedures can also be found on your client account.