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Shipment & delivery

By which parcel service will the order be delivered?

All orders will be delivered by Fedex or DHL during working hours. You will be asked to confirm the receipt of the products. You can keep track of your order at any time via your online client account.

When should I expect my order to be delivered?

As soon as your order has been given to the carrying agent, you will receive a shipment notice via email. We endeavor to make delivery as quick as possible for you. Most packets sent by us will reach you within only 48 hours. If you ever need it urgently, please contact us for details of the express option with guaranteed 24 hour delivery.

How can I keep track of my order?

You can find current information on the status of your order and its delivery in your online client account. Your packet’s tracking number can also be found in the shipment confirmation email.

I would like to change my delivery address...

If you have not yet received a shipment notice, you can change your details in your online account. Should that not be possible, please contact our customer service.

I  will not be at home on the day of the planned delivery 

Since you have to sign to confirm the receipt of your product from our carrying agent, our courier will leave a notification card behind if you are not at home. You can then contact the relevant courier directly to arrange a new delivery within working hours or, alternatively, to change your delivery address.

What are the delivery costs?  

Country Payment options Fedex-Standard

European Union

up to 20.0 kg

Credit Card
22.00 €

non EU

up to 20.0 kg

Credit Card
45.00 €
Country Payment options Fedex-Express
Credit Card
starts at 24.40 €
Great Britain
Credit Card
starts at 29.95 €
European Union 
all other
Credit Card
starts at 35.00 €
Non EU 
Credit Card
starts at 44.00 €


What happens if my order is lost or damaged?

In the case of problems with the delivery of your order, good-bye will take up direct contact to the relevant courier in order to solve the problem as quickly as possible and spare you any unnecessary inconvenience. We will do everything we can to contact you and will keep you informed about the progress of our inquiries. If necessary, we will replace your order. If you have already received your order and you notice that the products are damaged, please contact our customer service immediately.