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Manfrotto MA 237
€24.90 *
Manfrotto 272 B
This Manfrotto 272B Adjustable Background Holder is a 3-section telescoping pole that will support paper rolls up to 9' in width. The pole length is adjustable and features a Type-25 attachment. The T-25 attachment is a universal female...
€65.00 *
Manfrotto MBAG 90 PN
Exactly the same as the MBAG120P and MBAG100P, just four inches shorter.
€79.95 *
Manfrotto MBAG 80 PN
The MBAG80P is the same as the other bags in the series but smaller and narrower, and comes without the side handle or inner accessory pocket.
€65.00 *
Manfrotto MBAG 70 N
The MBAG70 ... 70-cm (27.5") unpadded except for the end cap which was designed to protect the tripod head. Slightly tapered to provide a better fit for tripods with attached heads, and made from the same top quality, durable materials...
€29.95 *
Manfrotto MBAG 120 PN
The MBAG120P is the largest bag in the range and replaces the 3282 Tripod Bag. With innovative technical features, top quality materials, and first class construction methods, the quality of the MBAG120P is up to the highest standards...
€97.00 *
Manfrotto MBAG 100 PN
The MBAG100P combines all the innovative technical features, top quality materials, and first class construction of the MBAG120P, but is slightly smal
€95.00 *
Gitzo G 530
Gitzo G 530 - Lateral Side Arm for Sport Tripods
€141.00 *
Manfrotto MA 785 PL
Plate supplied with 1/4" camera fixing screw. color black material technopolymer attachment 1/4
€7.95 *
Manfrotto MA 695 SP2
The Manfrotto 695SP2 rubber/metal spiked foot converts the 695 monopod foot to a steel tip for firmer footing on soft ground. The spike is made of a special hard anodized aluminum alloy extremely resistant to corrosion. The retractable...
€17.00 *
Manfrotto MA 695 SC2
This Manfrotto 695SC2 Suction Cup is a rubber suction cup foot that also feature a retractable stainless steel spike. The suction cup increases the footprint of the monopod leg by almost 20 times, giving much greater stability when...
€27.00 *
Manfrotto MA 627
The Manfrotto 627 Basic Panoramic Head Adapter may be mounted on top of a head, monopod, or tripod. This non-tilting camera platform has a graduated scale in degrees to set the camera position during different shooting sequences and a...
€47.00 *
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